About Seven Seasons

With over 400 beers from all over the World we not only focus on the best of London’s microbrewery revolution, but also offer the finest examples of classic and modern beers in relation to the ever evolving new scene. From the ancient monasteries in Germany and Belgium to the railway arches in East and South London we follow the journey of beer, and will always seek out the classics as well as exciting new beers to recommend.

This also includes organic and gluten free alternatives, and we also offer a range of farm house ciders including a refill option, plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic ginger beer and a selection of meads.


If we asked 1000 people for their favourite beer, we would probably end up with 2000 answers. Otherwise it has been suggested that best is “the beer that’s in your hand” or “the beer you’re having next”, but this seems to be a rather lazy approach. “Beers you can remember” might be better candidates, and these are usually the ones associated with a place, a time of the year and a state of mind.

Low alcohol Lager mixed with mineral water in the burning August winds of Zaragoza can be just as pleasing a memory as some Tripel Trappist at a December log fire or a Bock Wheat in a Bavarian beer garden in late October.

We can’t help with mineral water, but we will always seek out exciting new beers to recommend, and we also want to hear about the most memorable beer you ever had.


In our collaboration with one of London’s leading Chocolatiers in creating Truffles, we are now only days away from releasing the first two creations. So much can be said that one of them is infused with beer (a Black IPA), the other one with whisky (from Islay). The exact information about the chocolates used and the drink brands will be given at the tasting.



If you have a business and want to bond with colleagues, employees or clients, or just have a great night with friends, what better way than to have a beer-related social – we organise tastings according to your wishes on your premises or ours, whether it be overviews across or within beer styles, beer and food pairings or anything else you can think of. All beers will be individually selected for the occasion and presented by renowned experts. Just get in touch for a quote.

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