Free sampling x2 – Bohem & Bimber – 26th October

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An exciting evening of tasting drinks from an Eastern European background: Unhappy with the lack of authenticity when it comes to Czech beers in London, Bohem’s founder and brewer Petr Skocek took matters into his own hands and brewed Pilsners as they are back home – today his regular beers are two light, an amber and a black beer, which will redefine what you have become to expect from a Lager.

BimberĀ from West London are on a similar mission, and on their way to eventually offer their own Whiskies, they produce a number of different Barley Vodkas and a Gin, the quality of which is utterly astonishing. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the real origins of things that we took for granted for too long.


Thursday, 26th October, 6pm

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